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Clean supply is the U.K.'s leading supplier in the fabricate industry and the supplier of choice for many of the industry's leading dry cleaning and laundry companies.

Operating from a 30,000 sq ft site in North London and sourcing supplies from the very best manufacturers worldwide, you can be confident that we will have what you want, when you want it.

Our ever expanding transport fleet handles deliveries within London and the South of England, whilst we work very closely with our courier partners to ensure hassle free deliveries throughout the rest of the United Kingdom and beyond.

We have the most experienced and, according to our customers, the friendliest telesales team in the industry who will know exactly what you are looking for and get it on its way to you with no fuss.

ORDER LINE: 020 8885 6677

Solvents: perchloroethylene of different grades, hydrocarbon, silicone
Laundry chemical specialists
Hangers of all types: metal, plastic, shirt, drapery, remat, strut, etc.
Shop essentials: ticket books for dry cleaning, laundry and repair, till rolls, tags & tagging guns, shirt marking tags, safety pins, straight pins, net pins, ink cartridges, and much, much more…
Retail items: zip up suit, coat and gown covers, moth repellant products, lint rollers, Dylon dyes, spray starch, curtain whitener, lavender balls, fuzz bricks, and much, much more…
Equipment: manila bagging machines, weigh trolleys, laundry trolleys, self-seal machines, throw over rails, garment rails, and much, much more…

Our production facility based in London, operated 24 hours a day, allowing us the unique ability to produce, create and provide for you, the fastest, most personalised and cost-effective service in the industry!
"When it comes to Poly we cannot be beaten"


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Clean Supply Ltd. 33-37 Garman Road, London, England, N17 0UL.

Tel: 020 8885 6677
Email: sales@cleansupply.co.uk
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