PolyRoll - In House BUBBLE Print 11kg Nett - 20x24x100g

PolyRoll - In House BUBBLE Print 11kg Nett - 20x24x100g
Product Code: PPRB

PolyRoll - In House BUBBLE Print 11kg Nett - 20x24x100g

In-House Polythene Covers on a roll, printed 2 colours (Light Blue/Dark Blue) "Professional Quality Dry Cleaning" to add a professional touch to your garment covers, labelled and boxed individually for easy transit and storage. Available as stock in the following perforations:-

Product Code Perforation Usage
PPRB40 40" Ideal for Suits/Jackets
PPRB54 54" Ideal for Dress/Coats
PPRB CONT Ideal for Customers with a bagging machine in order to cut to specific lengths (see Equipment)


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